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Moon & Mimi

Did somebody say M&M!!!! This little chunks are about as laid back as they gets and stuffed full of goodness. This little Poodle Puppies, favorite pass time is eating and snuggling at this point. I am looking forward to watching this little dudes personality develop. I know they will make it big some day and make a deserving family very happy.


Look at this little petite pixie! she is the tiniest baby in her litter. I wanted to put a pretty pink bow on her hear but it swallowed her. She fits in the palm of my hand! Bitsy will be the perfect size to take everywhere you go. She has a petite little body and those cute tiny facial features, she is sure to be the center of attention wherever she goes! Don't miss out!


This angel is a beautiful Poodle puppy. Her name is Rossie because I believe that she is as precious as they come, rare and unique with all of her wonderful qualities. Jewel has a nice coat of curly bright white and rich chocolate coloring in just the perfect places. Not only is she a beauty, she is smart as a whip too! Reserve this baby girl today!


Meet Mr. Brown! This cutie patootie is a precious male Poodle puppy! Poodles are just GREAT! They are smart, loving, funny and loyal, what else could you ask for in a family companion!!! Not to mention, they are hypoallergenic and very low to non-shedding, yippee!! Don't miss out on this precious little fella!


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