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Hypoallergenic Dogs

Find the perfect puppy who WON’T set off your allergies.

Dogs that Don't Shed

Love dogs but hate picking up hair? Start your puppy search here.

Family Dogs that Don't Shed

Start here for lovable, loyal family dogs who also happen to be low-shedding.

Dogs for Kids that Don't Shed

Looking for a puppy who’s great with kids and won’t shed? Here you go!

Small Dogs that Don't Shed

These small dogs are the perfect non-shedding companions for your family.

Best Dogs for Allergies

Love puppies but hate sniffling and sneezing? Find your dream pooch here.

Best Dogs for Kids with Allergies

Kid-friendly? Check. Allergy-friendly? Check. Find your perfect companion right here.

Best Family Dogs

Friendly, loving, cuddly and loyal—match with the best family puppies today.

Best Dogs for Kids

Is your child looking for a new best friend? We’ve got you covered.

Best Apartment Dogs

Small spaces, big fun—these apartment-friendly dogs are eager to meet you!

Best Dogs for College Students

Your new roommate is here to introduce himself. Meet the perfect college pup today.

Best Dogs for Men

Single guys, get ready to meet the four-legged friend you’ve been searching for.

Best Dogs for Seniors

Calm, low-maintenance and cuddly, these are the perfect puppies for seniors.

Best Dogs for First Time Owners

Dogs don’t get any easier than these. Find your perfect first puppy here.

Easy to Train Dogs

Looking for an obedient, intelligent pooch? Take a look at these little geniuses.

Relaxed Dog Breeds

These adorable breeds won’t complain when you hit the snooze button.

Easiest Dogs to Own

Having a pet should be easy and fun. These easy breeds make that a reality!

Dogs that Can Be Alone

These independent breeds won’t drive your neighbors crazy when you leave the house.

Dogs that Don't Need Much Exercise

Not every breed needs tons of exercise to be happy. Meet the dog world’s laziest right here.

Low Maintenance Dogs

Looking for puppy love without all of the hassle? These low-maintenance breeds are for you.

NEW PROGRAM! Introducing Uptown Rehoming/Fostering

Are you looking for a more affordable way to bring home the perfect dog? If so, you might be interested in our rehoming program! Sometimes, life doesn’t go as planned. Good people are forced to give up wonderful puppies. That’s why pets4home want to give these pups a second chance at finding their forever home with a family like yours—a real win/win if you ask us! Rehoming is just $400—with fostering options available as well. Click below to find out more, apply, and help us give these dogs a place to call home.

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